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The Hadith tells us that SLAVERY was commonplace in Arabia,  Persia and Rome.

It also tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, condemned slavery outright and carried out various reforms to put an end to it.

In finality, Hadith in Bukhari’s Sahih tell us that Allah does not accept the prayers of a slaver. It also tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, did not have a slave.

Again, the Prophet’s, pbuh, example is final in all matters.

In war, Christians, Jews and pagans enslaved women captives. The Muslims too did this for quite a while. The Prophet, pbuh, gave a superb example in this matter, when he MARRIED a captive women, Safiiyah, may Allah be pleased with her, and honored her, and she became a Mother of the Believers.

Guess which of these Hadith, the opponents of Islam list? They will always select Hadith about the transitional stage. One will NEVER find a FINAL Hadith on these matters in the collections of the rejectors of Hadith. These people are dishonest and thus it behooves each muslim to read and memorize the complete hadith on a subject, not leave it half way without finding out the final decision regarding that particular subject.

EXCERPT  from a presentation by the author at:

Women’s History Conference in Atlanta

Muslim Women’s Leadership Summit: Sis. Hadayai Majeed Presiding 

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