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Umm Ri’la al-Qurayshiyya

A woman of eloquence who met the Prophet pbuh.

She was a hairdresser before Islam and asked the Prophet pbuh if it was proper to continue to do so and he pbuh said that she could.

It is reported that the Prophet pbuh thought well of her. It is reported that she came to the Prophet pbuh greeted him and said that she was one of the people who lived In tents and had no position in the army. She asked:

“ Teach us something by which we can draw near to “Allah the Almighty “ He pbuh told her :

““You must invoke Allah at the end of the night and at the end of the day. -Lower the eye and lower the voice”

She visited Madinah again after the war of Ridda (11/632) and learned that the Prophet pbuh had died. She was deeply grieved. She took Al Hasan and Husayn, the grandsons of the Prophet pbuh and walked with them in the alleys of Madina weeping and elegizing him pbuh in verse. The people in every house of the Ansar started to weep.

Excerpt from Muslim Women a Biographical Dictionary by Aisha Bewley.

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