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Evidence that women attended jumma salah:

 The daughter of Haritha b. Nu’man said: I did not memorise (Surah) Qaf but from the mouth of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) as he used to deliver the. sermon along with it on every friday.

She also added: Our oven and that of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was one.

(Book #004, Hadith #1893)


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Mother and Daughter

Personal from Kaukab Siddique, Editor NT
: It’s my mother’s birthday anniversary. We are strange people. Let me explain. My ancestors came from Arabia to India and married among the proud Rajputs who were starting to embrace Islam. My mother inherited the generosity and gentleness of the Arab woman along with the self-respect and sense of honor and pride of the Rajputs. She was a beautiful woman both physically and spiritually. She stood with the Qaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, at a time when most women did not speak out. India could hear the thunder of the awakening Muslim masses chanting: Pakistan ka matlab kiya? La illaha illalah. It was the invincible call of history in the making. Pakistan, a new nation, emerged from the heart of darkness that was India. Both the Hindus and the British were determined that Pakistan should not be born or should die soon after birth. People like my mother through hard, honest, work made Pakistan a reality.

For my mother, success was the future which she would never see in her own life but which she made possible. For her Pakistan was a dream from the life of the Prophet, pbuh, as sung in the lilting verses of Hafiz Jullundhri and in the visionary power of the cadences of Allama Iqbal’s Masjide Qurtuba. She suffered much but nothing could defeat her. One would think she was soft but her endurance showed that she was made of spiritual steel.

In her own quiet, mild, way she encouraged me to think about the rights of women in Islam. She made my books possible.

Now I see the spiritual beauty of my mother and her sublime faith in Allah emerging in my sister. For my sister, Islam was even more difficult because she was almost secularized by the seductive call of America. I see in her, Islam victorious in the battle for the hearts and souls of highly educated Muslims. Islam is not easy to live in America, but my sister is winning. She is praying, going to Makka and Madinah, loving the hijab. For a highly secularized woman to voluntarily accept the hijab is a sign for us. We can see in her the miracle of Allah’s message. As she moves forward, I sense my mother’s spirit behind her, smiling with joy.

What is a Muslim Father?


What is a Muslim Father ?

 It’s not easy to be a Muslim father. Here are some guidelines if you are a father:

1. The father must put Allah first above all else.

2. In all matters, ask yourself what Muhammad, peace be on him, would have done.

2a. Live according to Islam. Pray, fast, help those in need, be with the Muslim community and make sure your children have Muslim friends. ***

3. It’s your job to earn for your family, other than in situations beyond your control.

4. NEVER abuse your children or their mother, physically or psychologically.

5. Consult [do SHOORA] with your children and their mother in all matters concerning the family.

6. Give more care, honor and love to the DAUGHTERS over the sons.**

6a. In worldly matters treat your children equally with justice*

7. Teach the children to Love, honor and respect their mother.

8. Do not make obedience a personal matter. Obedience is to Allah alone.

9. Tolerate and respect differences of opinion within the family but do not tolerate violations of Islamic Law.

10. If a child is in open rebellion against Islam, he/she must be repudiated, but keep the door of repentance and love open. The punishment must be more in sorrow than in anger.

*** “O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern and severe, who flinch not [from executing] the commands they receive from Allah, but do [precisely] what they are commanded.” [The Quran 66:6]

 ** From Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a.: The messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said:

“One who is given a daughter and does not bury her alive [as in the Days of Ignorance], does not despise her, and does not prefer his male children to her, Allah will enter him into Paradise.” [Hadith, Sunan of Abu Dawud.]

*From Na’uman bin Bashir, r.a. ……………[From the messenger of Allah, peace be on him] :

Fear Allah and treat all your children equally with justice….Wouldn’t you like all your children to treat you well?…” [Hadith, Sahih of Bukhari.]


Here is what Prophet Muhammad pbuh said:

22) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said,

“When it is a friday, the angels stand at the gate of the mosque and keep on writing the names of the persons coming to the mosque in succession according to their arrivals. The example of the one who enters the mosque in the earliest hour is that of one offering a camel (in sacrifice). The one coming next is like one offering a cow and then a ram and then a chicken and then an egg respectively. When the Imam comes out (for Jumua prayer) they (i.e. angels) fold their papers and listen to the Khutba.”

(Sahih Bukhari Book #13, Hadith #51)


Egyptian girls in Alexandria: Courtesy:

Justice is enjoined to us in every walk of life and specifically with those we love. Here Prophet Muhammad PBUH emphasizes the importance of justice among your children:

 Narrated ‘Amir: I heard An-Nu’man bin Bashir on the pulpit saying, “My father gave me a gift but ‘Amra bint Rawaha (my mother) said that she would not agree to it unless he made Allah’s Apostle as a witness to it. So, my father went to Allah’s Apostle and said, ‘I have given a gift to my son from ‘Amra bint Rawaha, but she ordered me to make you as a witness to it, O Allah’s Apostle!’ Allah’s Apostle asked, ‘Have you given (the like of it) to everyone of your sons?’ He replied in the negative. Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Be afraid of Allah, and be just to your children.’ My father then returned and took back his gift.”

 (Sahih Bukhari Book #47, Hadith #760)


GUEST WRITER: K Hamza, Calicut, India

(Courtesy: From the archives of New Trend Publications 2007)

We pray that this wave of muslim women leading the way is progressing. Please update us if you have current information of positive progress.)


Today Muslim women in Kerala, India, are much better off than the women of their community in other States of India. It is because of Kerala State’s highest literacy rate, 98 per cent, and their persistent fight against injustice and male –dominated rigidities.


Women in urban areas have become more conscious of offering prayer in the mosques, and almost all mosques, run by the progressive Islamic organizations, have special areas earmarked for them.

Women in large numbers participate in congregational prayers on Friday, and tharaweeh prayer in Ramadan. Some older women spend the last ten days of the Holy month for “Ithikaf” (sitting for meditation). The general perception of the orthodox mullahs is that women’s entry to the mosque for prayers is as taboo and they stubbornly object to their offering prayers in the mosque.


The orthodox Ulema narrate an incident in support of their objection that once a woman approached the Prophet (PBUH) to be excused from going to mosque to offer prayers because she had to nurse her ailing infant. The Prophet told her to stay at home and offer prayer inside the confinement of her house. The traditional mullahs have misinterpreted this hadees.


Once Justice Fahima Beevi of Kerala High Court, after finishing her official tour, wanted to offer prayer at a mosque at Ullal in Kasergode. But Mullahs turned her off. In a fit of pique, she came again with the Police escort to the mosque and offered prayer.


The rise of some Islamic reformist organizations such as Nadavathul Mujahideen, Ahle Hadees and Jama’at-e-Islami in the past century has promoted the status of Muslim women in Kerala. It is a common sight in the Malabar region, which is predominantly Muslim, populated that women including older ones are pouring in to listen discourses on Islam.


The Malabar Muslims who are called as Mappila, economically and educationally a backward community are believed to be descendants of the Arab mariners who had been frequenting to the west coast for trade from the distant shores of the Middle East before Christ.

Since the Arab ships were sailing on the wind power during onset of the monsoon in June to October every year, the Arabs on their arrival in the region would marry the native Hindu women on temporary basis and divorce them when they return to their country of origin. Such a temporary marriage (Mut’a) had been prevalent in the Arab countries in the pre-Islamic era.


Admittedly, Kerala State has achieved 100 per cent literacy more than a decade ago. Kerala, with 1,058 females per 1000 males is the only State in India with a sex ratio favorable to females. The life expectancy is 70 years and infant mortality rate is the lowest (17 per 1,000).

There are now innumerable Muslim lady Doctors and Engineers in the State.

They raised their voice for securing their economic and property rights. They are well aware of the new trends and developments in the globalization, as they are enjoying unfettered access to the electronic communication and international TV channels.

They have almost recovered from the traditional view of the women’s duty is to bear pregnancy, give birth, rear the children and perform household chores within the confines of the home, while the man being the head of the household and the breadwinner.

Thanks to the higher education and global awareness, this age-old concept has been changed. Even if that were so, Muslim women are more caring and accepting of their husbands and strict to observe Islamic tenets.


Equally noteworthy is that more and more women are turning to the purdah today without any imposition from the parents. When asked about this trend, Zeenath Begam, an Islamic activist, said that it gives freedom from the probing hands, which stealthily pinch to their midriffs while traveling in train or bus.

Furthermore, it is a protecting cover for them from the hawkish preying eyes of the public. The concept that women are to gratify the collective male gaze has been changed. The Islamic dress code is being considered as a dignity of woman.


The child marriage is a thing of the distant past. Muslim women have challenged the traditional decree that a girl has no say whatever in her marriage.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, ” Let no virgin be married without her assent, and her assent is silence”. Now the marriages in Kerala are performed with the assent of the bride, be she virgin or divorcee.

Women had been enduring suppression and oppression due to wrong interpretation of Qur’an and Sunna.


In democratic India, women’s representation in the local administrative bodies continues to be pathetically dismal. Arguably, there is a consensus among the Muslim jurists that the supreme leader of an Islamic State should be male, but women have traditionally been entitled to participate in “Al Baya”- electing the supreme Ruler. And also, a woman is entitled to be a judge (According to Hanefi school). During election time, it is a common sight that a number of purdah-clad Muslim women are staying in the queue to cast their votes.

Quite remarkably, highly educated Muslim women are taking active role in the emancipation of the women in general, regardless of their faith, and rendering economic and medical care to them.

A few years ago, the conservative Mullahs were stubbornly against the use of loud speakers, the public address system, and slaughter by machine.


They were also against translating Qur’an to the local language. Now Muslim women in Kerala have challenged this archaic and bigoted stand. They are now well aware that they have to swim against the odds. Insha’ Allah, let us hope, and pray, for their success in their endeavor. AMEEN

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