Does Islam allow striking a woman?

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The physical, mental and spiritual abuse of women is rampant in many countries but particularly in the west. There is also a pehenomenon in the west called “transference” where one person (in this case one society) transfers the aggressive feelings it holds onto another person (or nation or faith) and makes it a “whipping boy” or a scapegoat to turn away both from facing the issues of violence towards women as well as to demonsixe someone else and or another faith so that people (women especially ) are distracted from their own pain and search for justice.

Islam is the torch bearer for Human Rights which is best manifest from the character of Prophet Muhammad towards others:

PROPHET MUHAMMAD  (peace and blessings be upon him) NEVER struck a woman, a servant, an animal or ANYTHING except in battle in the path of Allah:

Excerpted from the teachings in Riyadh Saliheen (Imam Nawawi)

For an overview of violence against women in the United States CLICK HERE……….

Old Madina: Photo acknowledgement:

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