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All Sahaba were human and thus fallible to human weaknesses. Ali RA who is revered by all muslims but sometimes placed in an unnaturally high position by Shias was just as fallible as any other human being.

At one point he threatened the peace of his home by considering marrying someone hostile to Fatima R.A. and Prophet Muhammad pbuh. It is one of the only known times that Prophet Muhammad pbuh reprimanded a Sahabi from the pulpit…… Here is the rest of the article:

Keeping The Religion Pure 
Some Shias claim that Ali, r.a., could commit no Wrong and was superior to all Sahaba, r.a.
We Muslims take ONLY Muhammad, pbuh, as the perfect Example. Not Ali, r.a. nor any other human being. Here is one reason.

Ali, r.a., was a great Muslim as were other sahaba, r.a. They were all humans and with their greatness they had imperfections. Only angels have no faults.

For Ali, r.a., it is well known that he did not treat Fatima, r.a., well. He even wanted to bring an enemy of Islam, Abu Jahal’s daughter, into the community of Islam as his wife. That would have been a disaster for the community.

Fatima, r.a. complained to the Prophet, pbuh. Coming from such a gentle woman, those were harsh words she used for Ali, r.a. . She called him “This Ali….”

Here is the reprimand of Ali by the Prophet, pbuh.. I will select only one narrative. A scholar can surely find others:

” The Prophet, pbuh, said from the mimbar of the masjid:: “The People of Hisham ibn Mughira have asked my permission to marry their daughter to Ali ibn Abi Talib. I DO NOT PERMIT IT. AGAIN, I DO NOT PERMIT IT. and AGAIN I DO NOT PERMIT IT. Of course, if Ali divorces my daughter and marries their daughter, he has the right. My daughter is part of myself. Whoever harms her, harms me. Whatever hurts her hurts me.” [Sahih Bukhari, kitab-un-nikah]

Thus Ali, r.a., was reprimanded THREE TIMES, in one speech by the Prophet, pbuh, and that too from the mimbar of the mosque. He did not reprimand any other sahabi like that.

So, I say to Ismailis and extremist Shias: Remember, we are followers of ALLAH, not of Ali.

Our leader is MUHAMMAD, pbuh, not Ali.

Keep Ali, r.a.  within his human limits and respect him as such as a Sahabi.

What did the Prophet’s (pbuh) Grandson give his life for at Karbala?

Moharram 10 is a day of Great Symbolism: Imam Hussain gave his life on 10th Mohurram to oppose tyranny & brute force.

In the year 61 of the Islamic calendar, Prophet Muhammad’s, pbuh, grandson Hussain, r.a., was surrounded by a tribal army from Kufa which wanted to force him to owe allegiance to, Ziyad,  the Governor of Kufa and to the tyrant Yazeed.
Hussain, r.a., and the 72 blessed people who were with him went down fighting to the end.

The message of this tragic event is that Muslims must not accept rulers who are tyrants. Allegiance is immoral if it is based on brute force. 
Today Israel is trying to force Palestinians to accept allegiance to the Zionist terrorist entity, which like Yazeed’s regime is an illegitimate entity.

Imam Hussain never taught Muslims to beat their chests and to weep and mourn and carry out abuse of other Muslims. He did not even mourn his father, Ali’s, r.a,, murder or that of Usman, r.a, in this unusual manner. Such activities are forbidden in Islam.
Today’s Yazeed is Israel. Today’s Yazeed are the occupiers of Afghanistan and Kashmir and Chechnya. Today’s Yazeed are the murderers who let loose drone strikes on Islamic people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia 

Where is today’s Hussain, r.a.?

Is there no one like Hussain (R.A.) today?  


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