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Does Islam allow striking a woman?

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The physical, mental and spiritual abuse of women is rampant in many countries but particularly in the west. There is also a pehenomenon in the west called “transference” where one person (in this case one society) transfers the aggressive feelings it holds onto another person (or nation or faith) and makes it a “whipping boy” or a scapegoat to turn away both from facing the issues of violence towards women as well as to demonsixe someone else and or another faith so that people (women especially ) are distracted from their own pain and search for justice.

Islam is the torch bearer for Human Rights which is best manifest from the character of Prophet Muhammad towards others:

PROPHET MUHAMMAD  (peace and blessings be upon him) NEVER struck a woman, a servant, an animal or ANYTHING except in battle in the path of Allah:

Excerpted from the teachings in Riyadh Saliheen (Imam Nawawi)

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Old Madina: Photo acknowledgement: http://www.quranforkids.com/Media/Pictures/tabid/237/SelectedModuleid/592/SelectedTab/237/RefTab/237/ItemID/1758/AlbumID/80/Default.aspx


“The prophet pbuh said” women are like vessels of glass (delicate): Courtesy: http://www.examiner.com/article/mosaic-an-italian-jar-with-an-islamic-pseudo-kufic-design-spotlight-on-the-getty-museum

Men often don’t realize the vulnerabilities of women. Real men, according to Islam, are gentle towards women. There is no place for wife battering or male-dominant attitudes in Islam.

In his efforts to stop male physical violence towards women, the Prophet, pbuh, began with changing the random outward attitudes men have towards women.

He went on to ORDER an end to all physical vioence against women, as well as an end to psychological oppression.

Finally, he ordered the death penalty for proven rape after proper investigation.

Here is a hadith in which the Prophet, pbuh, uses a metaphor about women which a man would never forget. A young black man, probably an Ethiopian, named Unjasha, r.a., was driving with great gusto a camel on which Umm Sulaim, r.a., and other blessed women were riding:

From Unas, r.a.: He said:

The messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, was on a journey and a black youth who was called Unjasha, r.a., was driving a camel and singing [thus causing the camel to gallop]. And the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, [called out] to him: Slow down, O Unjasha! Travel as if you are carrying vessels of glass! [they can break].

{Hadith, Sahih of Muslim, kitab al-fadail, section 200.}

Vessels of glass!

If men are not careful, they can hurt women without even knowing it, just as careless handling can put a crack in a glass vessel. The vessel might not break or even be visibly damaged but it will have been hurt!

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